Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wishful wednesday: a second car

We are a one car household. Have been for some time, with the exception of the couple of instances when my mother was out of town and she left her car to our care. But prior to living in Southern California and Nevada, we lived in the heart of San Francisco and we really could have easily had been a no car household. San Francisco has wonderful public transit and terrible parking, so you could understand where we are coming from.

Bottom line, we need a second car. If not to transport kiddos, just to transport ourself if we are without the kiddos. Often, poor Jonathan is left at home with CNBC and no way out because I am out with Hadley for the day. Or, like now, for instance, Jonathan had to run a few errands and I am home with the girls, wishing I could load them up and go get some lunch.

We are getting ready to move across the country in a week and a half. So as a means to pass the time, we've been researching cars. Test driving cars. Going round and round with conversation as to what our second car should be. Or should I say, how it should function. For example:

* Should our second car be a "family car" that can carry
two car seats and a double stroller comfortably.

* Should our second car be a "fun car" that can take a car seat or two in a pinch, but really intended for adult use only, whether it be on errands or date night. Our Acura MDX would continue to function as our kiddo car.

* Should we spend very little money and buy a beater.

* Should we buy a beautiful, used car, like a BMW o
r an Acura (worked out well with our MDX).

* Should we take advantage of 0% APR deals cu
rrently available and buy new.

Lot's of considerations and, really, no wrong answers. But, in the mean time, we have enjoyed test driving some rides. So far, of all the cars we have driven, I have been the most impressed with the new Toyota Rav 4 and the Mazda 6.

The Rav 4 is quite spacious and comparable to the MDX, the engine is peppy (so Jonathan tells me) and has that wonderful new car smell. Plus, Toyota has some excellent financing deals.
The Mazda 6 (fully loaded) is amazing! You'd think you were in a BMW. The interior is luxurious and spacious, and the exterior is beautiful. Not to mention it has a bit of kick to it's step. The trunk is even large enough for a double stroller.

I don't think that we will purchase a new car... Well, maybe. We've been enjoying a debt free lifestyle. But these are both cars that I am wishing for.

Any second car recommendations out there? (No mini van's - not a fan!)

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  1. I have a hard time buying a new car. Especially when you can get one that has some miles on it for much less. Of course a new car is shiny, but it really comes down to the math, no? If you can get one that is a year or two old, not much different in body style for less- why would you pay $5000-$7000 more? A wise young man once said to me, when I was contemplating purchasing something (I didn't really need), "How far could you go on that X dollars, how long could you live on that?" I find that I ask myself that frequently when contemplating spending on some big purchase.

    But out of your two selections- which one gets better gas mileage? Which one has more room? are they comparable in price? - do the old pros/cons list?I know I am always a bit torn between larger practical and fast/fun. Maybe you should wait till you encounter your first mid-west winter to decide?


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