Tuesday, May 25, 2010

terrible two's tuesday: milk or apple juice

Photo by Sarah Christensen of Becoming Sarah

This morning Hadley woke up a little later than normal... Which is a refreshing change as my kiddo is not a good sleeper. Never has been. Our morning ritual is to enjoy some morning Jo (mine is coffee, hers is milk or "nook" as she refers to it).

So this morning, after our snuggles, I asked her if she wanted milk. She said "No."

I asked her if she wanted apple juice instead. She said "No."

Then she said "Nook." I responded with, "OK, let's go get some milk."

Then she said "Apple juice." My response, "Apple juice it is."

Then she said "No."

"Milk?" I asked. "No."

So, off to the kitchen we went where she spotted her Elmo juice cup from yesterday. "Apple juice. Apple juice. Apple juice," she started repeating over and over again.

"So you'd like some apple juice?" As I pulled the milk from the refrigerator. "NOOK!" she yelped with a little dance.

And "nook" she got.

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  1. I saw you on Picket fences- Your daughter and morning routine sounds very similar to mine!

    Hope you have a great day!



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