Thursday, May 20, 2010

coming soon: new look. new feel.

I am in the midst of a blog revamp. A new custom design is on the way and will be in place, hopefully, mid-June. And, more immediately (like, on Monday), a reorganization of blog posts.

In an effort to keep me on schedule with my posts, and to offer me a few minutes everyday of "mom time," I am putting some organization to my blog.

Must Have Mondays - Here I will review my favorite products (baby, kids, mama or otherwise) and maybe someday my little blog will interest manufacturers to have me do a giveaway.

Terrible Two's Tuesdays - We are in the terrible throws of terrible two's here in our household. Somedays are funny. Somedays are down right upsetting. Here I will share our laughs, woes and any tips and tools that we discover along the way to cope with this fun stage.

Wishful Wednesday - Hopes, dreams and maybe a bit of stuff I want.

Topless Thursdays - No porn here. I am a breastfeeding and loving it mama. I nursed Hadley to 15 months and I am currently nursing Hayden. Here I will talk about my experiences, funny or serious, and discuss topics as they pertain to nursing.

Family Friday - My opportunity to talk more about my family. Hadley quips. Family outings. Etc.

So check in next week to see my new, better organized blog!

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  1. And don't forget Simply Saturdays! I just started them on my blog.

    Just wanted to say good luck on the site redesign and I breastfed my first 15 months too! Second lasted 11 months.


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