Friday, June 4, 2010

family friday: so long southern california

It's 5 a.m. And I am up with Hayden. We are sitting on the floor of my mom's home in San Clemente trying to be quiet as the rest of the house is still sleeping. She is cooing and doing her morning flailing exercises. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and typing this post on my iPad.

Today is our last day as California residents. Tomorrow we fly to Minneapolis to start our new lives.

I'm excited, though there is a certain level of wonder in my head. How will we like our new home? Will we make friends? Are we doing the right thing for our children? I can make sense of these...

My biggest wonder is about when I will return to Southern California. My mom is selling her house and moving away. Family wise, that leaves my aunt and brother here. And, of course, friends. More over, I'm struggling to envision traveling here with two kiddos, so maybe my wonder will become reality when my babies are no longer babies.

Perhaps, even though I am super excited for our move, I am starting to mourn for Southern California. This is where I was born. Where I grew up. Had a career. Delivered Hayden. While I am eager for the change, I am leaving the place where major life happenings occurred.

All I can do is step back. Enjoy the memories of those happenings. And look forward to starting our new life. My friends and family will always be there, no matter the distance in between.

But for today, the girls and I will be packing up. Maybe do a lap around the mall. And enjoy one last playdate with Hadley's little friend (his mommy and I have become friends, too). I hope to enjoy a good night of sleep before our early morning departure.

Here's to you, Southern California!

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  1. OMG I can't believe the time is here! I can totally relate to all your trepidations, but I have to say, as our little neighbor girl helps watch Chloe, and we prepare to go to another neighbor's for happy hour, that we love our new friends and neighbors! We are so happy we made the leap, and so happy to know that we still have all those amazing friends back in So Cal!


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