Wednesday, June 2, 2010

topless thursday: public nursing

I've never been offended by public nursing, I just didn't know how I would be once I had a baby. Shoot, I wasn't sure that I would nurse, but I would give it a shot.

The first time I nursed in public was when Hadley was about four weeks old, at the Corte Madera Nordstroms. But I snuck into the ladies lounge. After we finished up, I found my Bebe Au Lait nursing wrap in the baby department. That opened the world up for me. With Hadley I was much more modest, so to have coverage made me quite comfortable. I nursed everywhere. Stores. Malls. Parks. Beaches. Airplanes. I even nursed Hadley through a lovely dinner at nice restaurant that probably didn't even have a high chair on more than one occasion.

Side track... While boarding a puddle jumper flight from Salt Lake City to Grand Junction, CO I was seated next to a transexual from Mississippi. She offered to hold Hadley while I got my seat belt on. She was very sweet, albeit a little awkward with her. Right before take off, I put on my nursing wrap and popped Hadley on the boob. The woman asked if Hadley liked being under the fabric. I commented, "she doesn't mind because she is getting fed." She blushed, then I realized that she didn't realize at first that I was nursing.

With Hayden I am not quite as modest with nursing. Maybe because I agreed to an audience while delivering her, therefor a little exposed nipple doesn't even phase me. I strolled downtown San Clemente with her on the boob and no supplemental coverage. Even made a purchase with her on the boob.

I've heard nursing moms comment about poor reactions to their public nursing. I've never noticed it and I probably wouldn't react to it. Nursing mommas, what has your experience been?

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