Saturday, June 26, 2010

hayden - three months old

Hayden, my love,

You are three months old today, and my how you've grown. You were once a peanut and are now a string bean. And I'm in awe. You'd think I'd get it by now, but it's so easy to forget how little we humans start out.

You are smiling. Cooing. Ah-rooing. Ah-ing. At your sister. Dad. Your bug mobile. And me. It makes me happy to see you so content with the people (and bugs) in your life.

Your little body is not only getting long and chunking up, but you are getting so strong. You lift your head high during tummy time. You like looking around and standing up tall. I can tell you are close to flipping over... But, Hayden my love, don't be in such a hurry. You can be a blob for a little longer.

Your sister has really taken to you. She wants to sleep in the same room as you (which we don't allow because I suspect no one would sleep) and often lays on the floor next to you. She worries when you cry. She sings you songs. Reads to you. And tries to teach you about your body parts, albeit a little rough (she means well, I promise). She tells you often that she loves you and I tell her that you love her too.

Today not only marks your third month outside mommy's tummy, but also our third week in our new home in Minnesota. The weather has been strange and we've dodged a few tornados. While I am frightened by these, I know we are together and safe. I promise to keep you and Hadley safe always.

I love you to pieces.

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  1. what a sweet little letter. I write some to my lil guy Hendrix too. I ahve an entire journal full of them from my mother when i was a baby and i cant wait to pass them along.


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