Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wishful wednesday: new heating and air system

I bought this house that we moved into last fall. Shortly after we went under a long contract, we found out I was pregnant. Since I am self employed and pay for my own health insurance, it was much more prudent to stay in California and move here in the spring. Which is what we did.

When I had the house inspected, I was informed that the heating and air system were old, but working fine. I figured I would need to replace them in a year or so.

Not such the case...

On our first hot day here in Minnesota, the air conditioner took a dump. A huge, stinky dump. And it was sweltering hot in our home. No one slept. Made for a cranky day the next day.

So I called for help, hoping it was just a quick fix and we'd be off.

The technician listed so many issues, that I finally stopped him and said "What you are getting at is that I need a new system." He replied "In a nutshell." It was a huge nutshell. "And while we are at it, your heater is old."

Yah, the heating and air are original to the house, that was built in 1979.

He gave me a few quotes ranging from $7000 for low efficiency (no tax credit) systems, to $10,000 of higher efficiency systems that meet the tax credit requirements. OUCH!

So, I got another quote.

This guy quoted me $7000 for the same system as the $10,000 quote.

But, just for good measure, I got another one. And I still haven't received that quote.

From Jonathan's research we learned that they are quoting me on great AC systems that meet the tax credit requirements, but I can get the tax credit if my heat is more efficient. AC systems are more expensive.

Doesn't it make better sense to get a more efficient furnace, that costs less than an efficient AC? We are in Minnesota, after all, I would think we would use the heat more often.

Bastards are trying to pull one over on me. Thank goodness Jonathan is a researcher extraordinaire.

What pisses me off is that I know that a lot of this stems from me being a woman. And I know it happens more often than not, and I let them get away with it.

But what also stings, is that it looks like I am going to spending at least $5K to get a new system.


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