Friday, July 30, 2010

family friday: today I am old

Today I am 35. That sounds so weird. I am 35.

I could go into the "I remember when's" and "I still feel 25's" and "I'm officially advanced maternal age" statements. But bottom-line, most of us think these things as we evaluate our lives.

But I'm going to revisit a list I drafted five years a go when i turned 30 that I called my "reality list," a recommendation made by a very insightful lady. At the time, it was simply a list of goals, but I wrote the list as if I had already accomplished them. For example:

- I am a mother.
- I am with my soul mate.
- I own property.
- I am a business owner.
- I earn $x amount or money.

This is just a shortened version of the list, but certainly important highlights. What's interesting is how those goals truly became reality, eventually ticking off the whole lot.

Now, five years later with my goals checked off, it seems fitting that I should make a new list. Perhaps for the next five years of my life. But what's interesting now is that I feel like I've accomplished the most important thing, being a mom, and it is difficult to think past that.

So, as perhaps an all encompassing goal and one I should always strive towards is to live in the moment. Right now. This second. Stop worrying about what could happen, or what I should have done, because bottom line, right now is all that matters.

What would you put on your reality list?

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  1. I'll have to think about the reality list a bit, but in the meantime: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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