Thursday, July 8, 2010

hadley - two years old

To My Hadley,

Today you are two. TWO! How did two years pass so quickly with you? It's amazing how you have grown and changed over the last two years.

July 8, 2008 - The Day of Your Arrival - A few short minutes old.

The prettiest lips I ever did see! I was in love with you before you arrived, but I went over the moon the second they pulled your little body out of mine and laid you on my chest.

July 2009 - Your First Birthday Party

A bit of a rough day, but I'm told most first birthday parties are. You had little interest in the cake. Or the presents. You desperately needed a nap and wanted to nurse instead. But such a beautiful little person you are. Despite being in a poopy mood, you played nicely and gave snuggles.

So much happened this year, I don't know how to detail it better than in a list:

- Immediately following your first birthday I day weened you. You were only allowed to nurse at night. You took beautifully to the transition.

- Mama and Daddy took you to Minnesota where we bought our family home.

- We spent many days at the beach. I could hardly keep you out of the waves.

- In October, I completely weened you off the breast. 15 months of nursing is not too shabby.

- We continue with Gymboree and we make some nice friends.

- We joined an athletic club with a wonderful daycare that you just couldn't get enough of.

- You spent a great deal of time with Grandma Sally, which allowed mama and daddy to have date nights and even take a trip out of state together. You love spending time with Grandma.

- We met your Grandpa Jim in Boston for the first time. While you were a wee bit tentative with grandpa, you enjoyed spending time with the family.

- You won a photo contest and your beautiful face made the cover of OC Family Magazine.

- You took your first boat ride.

- We move... again! To Grandma Sally's house to wait for your sister to arrive.

- Sister Hayden arrives. You are a little unsure about her, but she has grown on you. You love her so much and she can not grow up fast enough for you. She'll get there, I promise!

- And the terrible twos joined us a few months early.

- And we move... Again! Into that house we bought in Minnesota.

- We started a new class at My Gym. They are much more structured, but I think it will be good for you in the big picture.

- You went to your very first movie in a theater with daddy. You saw Toy Story 3 and dad said you were so good he would definitely take you again.

July 2010 - Present Hadley

Current Stats: Height 34.5 in (75%), Weight 30 lbs (85%), Head 19.5 cm (97%)

Be still my heart!

What a beautiful little girl you have become. You love to love. Are curious beyond belief. And have a wonderful zest for life. We've already entered the terrible twos, which stinks, but you are still a great kid and we know its unnecessary developmental phase you must go through.

A famous quote by E.E. Cummings that I repeat to you often. You seem to understand that its special, because you stop to listen, you hug me and then tell me you love me.

"I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart). I am never without it (anywhere
I go you go, my dear). I carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)" - Edward Estlin Cummings

Happy Birthday, My Love. Thank you for making me mom!

I love you to pieces,

-- Post From My iPad

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  1. How is it possible that she's already two?!



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