Saturday, July 24, 2010

san francisco moments I am exposing my baby to

Some inherent, some by accident...

- Taxi cab rides
- Busy city streets
- Altered homeless asking for help
- Wine bar fresco style
- Num-chuck wielding dude sitting down next to us at wine bar patio
- Protest march where hundreds of cops are standing by keeping the peace
- Cold Victorian postage stamp hotel room in which the radiant heat rarely turns on and the street noise is crazy.
- Many transexuals. Most memorable is the man on Turk with a blond wig, red sequined mini dress, red heels and red elbow gloves trying to get into my cab
- Rude taxi cab drivers who show up 20 minutes earlier than you ordered and are irritated that you weren't ready.

Maybe today we will ride the bus...

But the better San Francisco moments I am exposing my baby to:

- Spending time with my dear friends
- Going to one of my best friends weddings
- Getting to know the bride and grooms families

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  1. Just be sure to keep the baby wipes handy... at least you know your little one's immune system is building up! also i voted for you at top baby blogs.


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