Thursday, July 15, 2010

topless thursday: what's your favorite position?

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Breastfeeding a baby can be complicated.

Especially in the beginning. Your milk is not yet in. Your baby is hungry.Then it occurs to you, "how do I do this?" We second time nursing mama's go through it. In my case, it had only been a five month lapse, but how quickly I forgot.

I guess for some mom's and babes this confusion doesn't happen. But, no offense to those that claim this (I'm just jealous), I think it's a bunch of BS.

Those of us who had to seek assistance, while the information is helpful, it's overwhelming. Especially when you are suddenly without the lactation consultant, trying to coordinate the baby in the football position, with the tube from the supplemental nursing system in place and milk flowing. If you've ever had to do this, you feel my pain.

Part of this overwhelming amount of information is the nursing positions. And how to do them. There's the football hold. Cradle hold. Cross cradle hold. Side lying position. Saddle hold. And you can do all of this with twins. Can you imagine? I suppose lots can.

My favorite is the side lying position. It takes time to get the hang of it and it certainly needs to happen once you get nursing down. I love snuggling next to my baby and it often results in a little snooze for the both of us.

But when we can't do it, I cradle hold. And this works wonderfully for us, too.

What is your favorite breastfeeding position?


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  1. when i first started nursing i really wanted to do the side-lying position but my daughter was too small and i'm small on top so she couldn't reach me. it was a pain to sit up in bed every time i had to feed her, but i pretty much did the cradle hold all the time. Football was alright but not as natural to me. Now it's only cradle and side-lying since she's bigger and can reach me.


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