Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wishful wednesday: cool baby stuff

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I have lots of baby stuff, don't get me wrong. I have a Mod Mum Sling. An Ergo Carrier. A Moby Wrap. A Baby Jogger City Mini. A Snap n Go. Bouncy seat. Strap on high chair (sounds dirty, huh?). A Bebe Au Lait nursing cover. A Stokke crib.  All neato burrito things and really I don't need more.

But there is so much cool stuff emerging on the baby market that I just want to try, even though I simply don't need it.  Here is some new stuff out there worth "wishing" I could at least try:

- Beco Baby Carrier - Functions much like an Ergo, but has lots of cute fabrics to choose from. The down side, it's more expensive than the Ergo.

- Baby Bond Nursing Cover - Now this is something I may soon convince myself to purchase (even though I already have a nursing cover).  It's super cool!  Drapes across you, much like a pouch sling, and opens up in the middle allowing baby to nurse, but keeping the girls and belly covered.  Plus, you don't have a huge drape of fabric to coordinate, or for the baby to push away (as my older daughter started doing).  It's a much cooler way to nurse your baby - figuratively and literally.  These are comparable in price to the Bebe Au Lait covers, but the nice women at Baby Bond sometimes have "seconds" that they will sell for much, much less. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date info.

- Bjorn Baby Sitter - Unfortunately, this little goody is discontinued.  Basically, it's Bjorn's version of a baby bouncer, without the vibrator, or the hangy down things (dirty, again, I know).  But it's much more sturdy and can support a toddler sitting on it.  The down side (and perhaps why it was discontinued), is that it's very pricey. Over $100. I purchased our little bouncer new at Babies R Us for about $25 and it's serving us fine. The down side is that my toddler is dying to sit in it and she is just too heavy.  If you find one of these used, snatch it up! They are super, duper cool!

- Phil and Ted's Double Stroller - I have a two year old and a three month old. I didn't think I would use a double stroller as I tend to baby carry. But a week in to having two babies, I changed my tune and the double stroller shopping ensued. This cool stroller is a double stroller, but about the size of a single stroller.  It has a main seat and a sling seat below. Your tot can sit in either seat if your baby is big enough. But while baby is little, you can use a car seat adaptor to latch the seat into the main seat or put the bebe there. The downsides (and why I did not purchase this stroller) is that there is always multiple parts, making airplane travel challenging and it's quite pricey.  None the less, as a mom with a wide jogging stroller, this piece of equipment is certainly worthy of a go around.

Just some stuff I think is cool.  What do you have or want to try that you think is worth wishing for?


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  1. Hello! Love all of the things you want to try out.. please keep us posted if they are worth purchasing. I tried the Erg, but my baby would have nothing to do with baby carriers and insisted on being actually "carried"

    I'm your newest follower, by the way!

  2. voted! yeah i know, all the cool stuff comes out after our kids are born! LOL!

  3. We need to go shopping together - we seem to have the same taste in baby gear :)


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