Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wishful wednesday: safe travels

I am currently sitting in the airport with my newborn, Hayden. We are off to San Francisco this morning to go to a dear friends wedding. It wasn't economical for the entire family to go, so Jonathan and Hadley are staying home.

And as I left this morning, I could see em playing through the window. And the beautiful sound of my little girls laugh and I thought about how blessed I was.

Literally, I started to cry.

And I actually called Jonathan the minute I got into the car.

And I feel sad. Because I miss them already. And I worry about things at I can not control, reminding Jonathan where my will is and the pertinent details of Hadley's world just in case (which irks him that I discuss, but it seems important... Just in case).

I know these times apart are good for Hadley and I. And it gives Hayden and I some much needed alone time, time we rarely get.

So I snuggled and kissed. And snuggled and kissed. And snuggled and kissed my little family until the very last second I had to leave.

I wish today for safe travels.

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