Saturday, August 14, 2010

routine blessing

Every night after dinner I run Hadley a bath. Her job is to get the bubble bath out of the vanity cabinet. I pour the soap, hand the bottle back to her and she puts it back.

I strip her down and put her in the warm suds. Sometimes I join her. Either way, we sing songs. Talk about washing the rubber fish-E-s and duckies. The figurines that she calls "the people"we place in her little boats. We talk about our day. I rub her back with her kitty loofa.

After several minutes, we pull the plug from the drain and say "bye bye water." I put her on the orange circle bathmat, drying her off with her ducky yellow towel. After, she climbs on her stool and I brush her teeth. Then she brushes her teeth. When we are done, we put her toothbrush back in the holder and say "bye bye toothbrush, see you tomorrow." She dances out of the bathroom and I turn the light off bend us.

We pick out pajamas. Sometimes she doesn't care what she wears to bed, but more and more she has an opinion about it. I put a diaper on her bare bottom, dress her and we select a few (or several) books to read. When we are done, we turn on a movie and snuggle.

And off to dreamland she falls, in my arms. While the going to sleep process can be frustrating at times and I feel anxious for her to sleep so I can have some free time, I always breathe her in, run my fingers through her hair, and give thanks for the blessings that are my babies.

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  1. Truly lovely.
    One day, when she's older, you'll be so grateful that you wrote this down and in in such beautiful detail.

  2. I always knew you would be a wonderful mommy , and you are that and so much more ..Everything you describe is everything i felt too, and still do 28 years later. That special bond you have will just grow stronger with each passing year. Cherish every, single, tiny moment,every milestone, as the years pass so quickly. I know you do. And even though you see the years go by, and they grow closer to being adults, they will always be your little babies, ALWAYS. Love them, protect them, and guide them, and they will grow up to be beautiful, and kind, and loving just like their momma.


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