Monday, August 16, 2010

dear mommy: confessions of a two year old.

Today I am writing a post as part of Mama Kat's Writers Workshop. It is a letter to ME from Hadley, who is two years old.. If you are interested in participating, visit Mama Kat's website and sign up for the workshop here.
Mama's Losin' It

Dear Mama,

You are an emotional stress case sometimes. RELAX!

I am not going to take off running so far away from you that you will lose me. And I'm not so quick that you couldn't catch me.  I am just playing when I run and I am hoping you will chase after me. If you don't come running, I come right back to you.

And give the human race some more credit than you do! Chances are slim that someone is going to steel me the second you let go of my hand. People are generally good. And will help you. YOU KNOW THIS!

I know you worry about me. Sometimes I think you don't want me to grow up. But it's time for me to learn to walk without holding your hand, unless of course when we are in the street, which I will test, but I know you are right.

OH, and tell daddy to relax about me getting dirty while feeding myself. Or coloring. Or playing outside. Or making a mess in the playroom or my bedroom. I am supposed to get messy. I am two. He seems to be so concerned about me being clean. But I need to learn to use a fork and in doing that, I need to make a mess.

You know what else? I am just fine in my bedroom by myself. I cry to get you to come in. I'm not scared. Just lonely and like to sleep next to you and daddy. And I know I get my way when I cry!

Since baby sister has arrived I sometimes feel like more is expected of me.  Remember, it is your job to teach me about the world. I don't inherently know geometry. Or rocket science. Or how to write a novel. This is your job to teach me. Teach me how to stay with you when we are walking in public. How to say please and thank you consistently. To put my shoes on the right feet. To play with other children. I need discipline in order to learn. Don't expect me to already know it all (although, I am a sharp kid who came with a few tricks up her sleeve).

One thing I do know, Mama, is how much you love me. You show me everyday. When you give me a bath. Sing the same Dora the Explorer theme song over and over again and I know you are sick of it, but you sing it because I love it. You listen to my baby babble stories and respond as appropriately as you can. You make me chocolate milk, but not let me have too much of it. I know you smuggle vegies into my juice because you know it's good for me. You tenderly give me a bath every night. Read me the same books over and over again. Lay with me until  I fall asleep. You snuggle with me and tell me you love me to pieces.

And for all of this, I love you to pieces.

Just relax a little!

I love you to pieces, Mama,

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  1. Love the part about the neat freak, father! We have one of those too! A little dirt never hurt anyone.


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