Tuesday, August 17, 2010

terrible twos tuesday: "mommy, I want to eat chicken"

Yes, my basically vegetarian child told me yesterday while in Ikea that she wanted to eat chicken.


The only meat she ever asks for is hot dogs. And sometimes, if we slather it in ketchup we can get a cheese burger down her. Even then, she usually sucks the cheese and ketchup off the burger. And neither of these meat adventures I feel good about. But it's food. Protein.

"You really want chicken?" I asked her. Even though it was 10 in the morning, I was going to find this child chicken. Somewhere! "Aaaa-huh!" she responded, enthusiastically.

Unfortunately, the Ikea restaurant was not yet serving lunch and they didn't have chicken fingers cooking yet. So we left. And she fell asleep in the car. I asked her if she still wanted chicken when she woke up as I was going to drop her at the child care center for a bit and they have chicken fingers.


My child is back.

Hadley, feeding herself yogurt.

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