Friday, March 25, 2011

do it for paige

A fellow mom blogger, Mom-Nom, brought to her readers attention the terrible hardship a new family has been going through...

A set of twins, named Paige and Patrick, came into the world at a very tender and fragile age of 23 weeks, weighing well under two pounds. To make matters more trying, their daddy was stationed at Fort Bliss preparing for a tour in Iraq, planning on being home in time for their full term arrival in May. Fortunately, the military gave him leave so he could be with his wife and babies.

Unfortunately, after a week of fighting, Baby Paige lost her fight. Her mommy and daddy at her side, and twin brother not far away. Baby Patrick continues the fight of his life.

Mom-Nom has organized a fundraiser to help support Patrick's fight. Click here to read more on Paige and Patrick's story and to make a donation - of any size. Maybe it's just a matter of skipping a Starbucks trip and donating that $3.50 for a latte to help support this little person's fight for life. Any amount helps.

Do it for Paige.

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