Saturday, March 26, 2011

hayden - one year

Dear Hayden,

Today marks the completion of the first year of your life. The day I delivered you and held you in my arms for the first time. A day that is forever burned in my memory.

Today, my love, you are a toddler. Today your tentative steps have turned into longer strolls. You feed yourself. Play. Have opinions. You love your sister viciously. You are no longer a baby.

But a baby you will always be to me. My youngest child. You and your sister are my heart. My soul. And both hold special places in them.

As I watched you devour a slice of birthday cake at your "Lady Bug" birthday party with new (and old) friends surrounding you, I fought back a tear. And I smiled. My baby is growing up way to fast. I wish I could slow things down, just a bit. But while I want to stop time to keep you small, I look forward to seeing and knowing the person you become.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

I love you to bits and pieces,

PS - Growth stats to come after well check in a couple weeks

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