Saturday, April 2, 2011

"mommy, do you have a who-ha?"

I'm not sure where we came up with the term who-ha, or how we decided to call our "parts" who-ha, other than I think my parents called the "parts" just that. Who-ha. So I've always referred to my girls privates as who-ha's.

Hadley has become increasingly more inquisitive over the last several weeks, so it's really no surprise that this Q&A session came to surface today.

This morning, I had to use the bathroom. Now, let me say this before I go further, we are not an exhibitionist family, but I do often have the usual audience of two little girls (one of which often ends up on my lap) when I use the facility. But today, I had an interesting series of questions while emptying my bladder.

Hadley: "Mommy, do you have a who-ha?"

Me: "Yes, love, just like yours."

Hadley: "Does Hayden have a who-ha?"

Me: "Yes, she is a little girl like you. It's just like yours."

Hadley: "Does Daddy have a who-ha?"

Me: "Yes, baby, just a bit different."

She went on to ask daddy the same series of questions this afternoon. Except he answered the question of his who-ha as a "pee pee".

Hadley: "Daddy, you have a pee pee who-ha?"

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