Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"mommy, is that a man? mommy, is that a lady?"

Lately, Hadley has taken to asking questions. Often redundant. Sometimes sensitive. Always hilarious! Today was no different.

I hauled the little ladies to Target today to pick up some Magic Erasers as Hadley decorated my front entry way with a rogue orange crayon. While in line to pay for our goods, Hadley started in on her series of questions:

Hadley: "Mommy, is that a lady?" referring to the woman in front of us.

Me: "Yes, Hadley."

Hadley: "Mommy, is that a man?" referring to the male checker.

Me: "You got it."

Hadley: "Mommy, is that a lady?" referring to the woman in line behind us, who is now chuckling about the conversation.

Me: "Yep."

Hadley: "Mommy, are those two mans?" referring to the next check out aisle.

Me: "Good job! There are two men!"

Hadley: "Are you a lady?" referring to me.

Me: "Yes."

Hadley: "NOOOOO! You're not a lady."

Me: "Then what am I?"

Hadley: "You're a mommy!"

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