Friday, April 22, 2011

they are still a mystery

I remember when Hadley was going through these drastic developmental phases how in awe I was. And how baffled I was.  How did she know to give her baby doll a sip of her bottle? Or try to put a shirt on? Or the first time she said ball? I know, pretty stupid that all this is baffling to me because obviously they learn from us. I think the baffling part is that I created this little person, grew her in my womb, and now she's learning and becoming a functioning person.

Yesterday, Jonathan and I got to chuckling as we herded our two little girls out to the car and Hayden toddled along with Hadley. All by herself. Not being carried, or hand held. Just, doot de doot de dootin' along like a big girl. And then I realized, I am still in awe and baffled! She's doing the same thing. I created her, grew her in my womb. And she too is learning. Acting like a person. Feeding her baby dolls, trying to dress herself and starting to say words.

Parenthood is just amazing, I tell you!

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