Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a perfectly lovely afternoon

Yesterday after work, and a snack, and a nap, the little ladies and I made our way over to the local kiddie pool. We spent over an hour splashing in the two foot deep pool. Hadley enjoyed the frog shaped slide, while Hayden was intrigued with the water spouting turtle. We snuggled.  And hugged. And kissed. Sang "Slippery Fish". Blew bubbles (Hayden even gave it a go). Practiced "elbows, elbows, knees, knees" method of getting out of the pool. And we left happily tired and hungry.

After, we met some good friends at a local pizza joint, where we shared a couple of slices of cheese pizza. Followed by a quick trip over to the frozen custard shop. Tummies were happily filled and we enjoyed the afternoon sun with friends...

The girls are still pretty young. Bedtime comes pretty early. So for us to be out as late as we were on a glorious afternoon is rare. And probably made it even more special. I love the afternoon light. I love it even more when the weather is warm (but not too hot) enough to have our legs and toes bare, with damp heads from swimming. When we have a pleasant feeling of exhaustion after a full day of being together.

What is your favorite thing in the afternoon?

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