Monday, July 4, 2011

fourth of july past

Three years a go today I was admitted to University of California at San Francisco's Moffitt Hospital Maternity Ward to be induced to deliver Hadley. We didn't get the call until 10 p.m. that I needed to come in, so we had some time to celebrate our last child free 4th. However, in true San Francisco fashion, it was an especially foggy evening. We couldn't even enjoy colored clouds, just the sounds of the booms.

I really didn't think I was going to be admitted to the hospital that night. I had another two weeks to my due date. It just wasn't possible.

When I got the call that I had protein in my urine and baby needed to come early I panicked. I woke up Jonathan. We started tossing stuff in a bag, calling family. I jumped into the shower for good measure... I figured I didn't want to be as fresh as a daisy for the strangers who were going to be up in my business.

And between all of this, I was shaking. Nervous. Scared. In disbelief... I was about to be MOM.

My little girl held on for several days. She was not ready to come on the Fourth of July. But this day will forever be in my memory as the day it truly became REAL that I was going to be MOM.

I can hardly believe my little girl is soon to be three...

This year we are planning on enjoying a watermelon in our kiddie pool. Hopefully catch some fireworks (if my little ladies can keep their eyes open). And taking lots of pictures. What are your plans?

Happy Independence Day!

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