Friday, July 1, 2011

it's official... it's back.

I grew up in Southern California. A very short drive to Disneyland. It was literally at our fingertips - we could hear the fireworks at our home. We didn't go to Disneyland more than a couple times a year, certainly more than most kids in America who's backyard doesn't contain the "Happiest Place on Earth", but probably not as often as many I know.

I'm glad it was that way.

I say this because when it was time to go the excitement was beyond overwhelming! I remember not being able to sleep. Waking up ridiculously early in the morning to go see the mouse. Picking my clothes out the night before for the trip. And when we'd finally park the car, ride the tram to the front gates, buy our tickets, enter and walk through the entrance, I entered a different place. A flash back in time, meets characters I love. Colors. Smells. Balloons. Stuffed animals. Everything happy. Nothing was EVER wrong at Disneyland (except maybe having to wait for rides).

I've spoke this week about our trip this weekend to Disneyland. This was Hadley's third trip and Hayden's first. But really, it was Hadley's first trip to Disneyland. This was the first time she understood the characters. She went to that place that I remember so well as a child. Dancing and singing in the streets in her princess dress. Shouting with excitement. Wanting to live there. Never, ever wanting to leave.


Not that I ever want her to be sad, but she was excited. An excitement I remember all so well and feared I'd never feel again. And I felt it! Albeit in a more grown up fashion, it was there. My little girl was living in a beautiful imaginary world and was beyond happy.

Do you remember that ultimate excitement? What was it?

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