Friday, July 8, 2011

hadley - three years old

Dear Doll Face (or Baby Doll, or Boober, or Princess),

Today you are three. How did three years pass already? And how did you go from being this barely six pound blob to a 35 pound child who speaks in sentences, asks questions and draws faces. When did you learn your colors and how to count? Or how to put your shoes on or to play with other children?

I'm in awe. My heart wants to burst. I'm proud. Sad that you are growing up so quickly, but so excited for what's next. You, my love, are my first and I think I will always have this bitter sweet feeling with you.

This year you've grown so much developmentally. I can hardly believe what a different child you are from two to three. You are no longer a baby. Your daddy and I were in awe watching the doctor go through the developmental testing with you at your well check the other day. You knew your colors, how to count, could identify animals, prove you can dress yourself and more...

You've even started sitting on the potty. Not the little potty, the TOILET, which frightened you so much. It's slow going, but you are using the toilet at daycare, the chiropractors office and even at the restaurant we lunched at last weekend. I'm so proud and so excited for this next phase.

My love, I could write for days about you. About how proud I am of you. But I need to stop here.

I love you to bits and pieces,

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