Saturday, August 13, 2011

in her world

In her world, magical fairies, pixie dust and princesses are everywhere. She insists on a ballerina tutu as everyday attire, as well as her princess shoes. When she walks along side me it's almost as if she dancing to music only she can hear.

In her world, there are two fairies that live in my car that she captures each time we set out on a new adventure. At home, she has two baby girls (that only she can see) that she puts diapers on, bathes and feeds.

In her world, her bedroom is her castle. And her blond hair will soon be long enough she can climb out the window like Rapunzle. Books lead her to obscure places filled with more fairies, princesses, Minnie Mouse and Dora the Explorer.

In her world, she sings to tell you a story while she snuggles on your lap. Or get's lost in her imagination and tells her teddy bears a similar story.

In her world, shoes lined up in a row are sure to ward off her sister from playing in her space. As well, she loves to wear mommy's shoes and carry a lunch bag as a purse. "I'm a big girl, mommy" she says. Yes, my sweets, you are growing up far too fast.

To live in her world where her biggest stress is that she couldn't ride on the toy train at the shopping mall or that he sister might take off with one of her ballet slippers. To live in her world is a world of magical places, snuggle time and chocolate milk.

Oh how I love her world!

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