Thursday, September 8, 2011

the health gods have not been kind to us

While on vacation in Vermont, Hadley, Hayden and Jonathan all came down with a cold. I'm not clear how I got away without coming down with that, but I did. Fortunately, they were all on the mend pretty quick and the trip was not overly interrupted by the cold.

When we got home, I came down with a "flu-like virus" and bronchitis. Poor Hadley came down with the flu, as well.

Yesterday, Jonathan called from work needing to be picked up because he lost vision in one of his eyes because of the onset of a migraine. This is not the first time this has happened, so he wasn't frightened. By the time he got home and on his migraine meds, the migraine got worse. So bad, I insisted he see a doctor. And off we went, screaming kids in tow (because that helps with a migraine) and onto an IV drip he went. After three hours, he was release, put on a steroid and given another prescription for pain medication.

Hopefully, this stuff has run the gammet for now. We need some health over here so we can enjoy our last few weeks without snow.

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