Friday, October 21, 2011

cancer sucks.

I took my girls to Ikea today for a little lunch and some shopping. While my girls were lunching in the kiddo area, I enjoyed a few minutes of dining without having to tell someone to sit down, or wipe a face, or pick forks up off the floor. And during this time, two women plopped their kids down in the same area and sat down just next to me to enjoy the same kind of dining.

I don't usually make it a point to eves drop, but I couldn't help it. I heard all to familiar words like "stage four" and "chemo" and "port line". They both shared stories of people they knew that were diagnosed with late stage cancer or of someone who recently passed away of cancer.

And suddenly I realized... We are all touched by cancer. Whether it be that we are victims in that we've had it (I have not, by the way... Knock on wood) or a loved one has had it or passed from it. It's scary. It's everywhere. And these medical terms are now average person terms. It's not uncommon to hear "stage four" and "chemo" and "radiation" and other terms of the like. Pretty soon my kids will be using them as if they were everyday words, like "fork" and "bath" and "potty".

Cancer frightens me and has taken far too many. And while I have no point to this post other than my thoughts of my ears perking up at the familiar medical terms, I hope that some day there will be world without it.

Cancer sucks.

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