Tuesday, November 15, 2011

we celebrated...

Today, Hadley pooped in the potty. Not a little piddle, a for real, man sized poop. This is a major milestone for her... Poop and the real toilet have been scary to her. So, we went out for ice cream and celebrated.

Last night, we ran out of pull-ups and I decided I was not going to buy anymore daytime pull-ups. "Oops, honey, we ran out. I guess you need to wear your panties". This morning, she took her overnight off and put panties on before coming down the stairs. I am going to work to keep myself, and more importantly, J staying strong on the no pull-up unless sleeping thing. Unfortunately, she has to wear one to school until she is confident with the undies. But we will get there.

I also picked up a Potette, which is a nifty portable potty that has these plastic bags that attached to the bottom of the pot to collect the pee and poop. It folds up and fits into my tote bag easily. Very handy and we used it for the first time today while we were enjoying our ice cream. Unfortunately, it was after she had an accident, but we gave it a try, changed her clothes and put new panties on. It was a bit of a project, but I feel it was all in all a success.

Hopefully by the end of the week she will be near potty trained.

In other news, Hayden pooped in her diaper this morning, said "uh-oh" and went and got a new diaper. After we cleaned her up, she asked to wash her hands. Something tells me we should start sitting her on the Potette too.

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