Saturday, December 24, 2011

a california girl at heart

Thursday was another day I found myself a Californian at heart surrounded by a bunch of Minnesotans... I relayed a story that happened Wednesday night/early morning about a trip to the ER with Hayden. When we left the hospital, the rear car door (that Hayden was strapped in next to) would not latch shut, despite my best efforts. So I went to the other side of the car to put her in her sister's car seat to discover the same thing happening. After falling apart crying at 3:30 a.m., in a dark parking lot, alone with my baby, I got one door to shut, and rigged the other one closed with the seat belt. We made it home safely and upon taking the baby out of the car, the other door finally latched. Pissed off beyond belief, I resisted the urge to wake up J to bitch. My friends, who I recounted the story to, all nodded "yeah, that happens" together.

This event, or rather, my conversation with my Minnesotan friends, reminded me of all the valuable lessons I have learned since living here that, really, I never would've known residing on the beach in Southern California (that is my defense). So, I've comprised a list:

* Car door latches might freeze and not latch. And likely to happen on a 15 degree night, alone with your baby after a long visit to the ER for nebulizer treatments. Especially on the same day you might have washed your car. It's the way of the world.

* Winterizing is necessary because pipes will freeze. Yup, they will. Not that this has happened to me, but I was clueless to what winterizing was until I lived in the snow.

* You can never have enough ice scrapers. Even though you think you have one in every car, one always goes missing when you need it.

* It is necessary to heat up a car with over 100,000 miles on it for at least 10 minutes. Plus, it's much more pleasant to get into after the heater has run.

* Rubber boots require a layer of wool and fleece socks. You might lose a toe to frost bite if this rule is not abided by.

* Freezing rain is not snow. It's rain that freezes into an ice skating rink upon hitting the ground. When you hear this forecast - STAY INSIDE!

* When the weather man says there is a snow storm acomin', stock up on food you like to eat. Likely, on these days, you will be stuck inside without the option to run out to Chipoltle for a burrito bowl.

* Gas station car washes are not closed when the doors are down. They open and shut - genius! In California, if they were down it was fare to assume they were closed.

* 4WD is a nice thing to have, albeit not necessary.

* Gloves on small children suck. They do. And they want to play in the snow, but you can't get the gloves on them.

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