Saturday, December 24, 2011

on christmas eve

My girls both are sick. Strep throat and ear infection sick. Between the two of them, we've been to the doctor twice and the ER once. It's been a rough week.

But this Christmas season has been especially fun with Hadley. She understands what it's about, and maybe more about the receiving than the giving (though, we've been working on this). Since we've been stuck inside for the past 24 hours we had the chance to do a few fun things...

* This afternoon we baked cookies for Santa. Thank goodness Santa is strep resistant and no one other than our family and him will be near them, we are in the clear.

* We watched lots of Christmas movies. A LOT!

* Each kid was able to open one gift (and what awesome gifts they were!).

* We wrote (drew) a final letter to Santa.

* We had a picnic dinner, that really wasn't consumed because of my sick kiddos (nor were the cookies I offered - and for the record, they are good - Santa loved them).

* After dinner we went on a Christmas light hunt and stumbled across several neighborhoods who line their streets with candles. Just beyond charming and I just couldn't capture a decent picture of it.

* When we returned home, we went out to the backyard and sprinkled reindeer food (an oatmeal and glitter concoction a friend gave to us) so the reindeer would know where to lead Santa's sleigh.

* We picked up the living room, put out cookies and milk for Santa and got ready for bed.

After I put Hayden to bed, I let Hadley lay in my bed to watch the Elf on the Shelf. She asked for a cup of milk, so I took the opportunity to sneak outside to ring a jingle bell. When I came back upstairs she was grinning from ear to ear and whispered "I heard Santa!" So, I made another excuse to go downstairs so I could do it again. When I returned she said "I heard Santa again! I wish you were here to hear him with me." And I melted for the millionth time as a mom... What a sweet little person.

I had hoped to keep her awake until J got home from work so she could tell him about it, but she is still pretty sick and I decided that she wouldn't be jaded about Santa by next year and hopefully he can have that moment with her then.

I love the spirit and magic of Christmas. I love the make believe and the stories... And as an adult and a parent to two beautiful little creatures I am enjoying creating the same magic that my parents did for my brother and I.

May you all have a magical Christmas!

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