Sunday, December 25, 2011

happy christmas

Santa came twice last night. OK, more like three times. We filled multiple bags with wrapping paper and boxes. We are certainly blessed.

As an added bonus for the holiday, it was 40 degrees today. An in Minnesota, in the dead of winter, 40 degrees may as well be Hawaii. Fortunately, they were well enough to go outside and play with a new tee ball set and scooter.

In a tutu, of course!

J had to work this afternoon, so I braved up and took the girls to see Arthur Christmas. I know Christmas is a big day for the movies, but I have never seen the mall parking lot so full! This was Hayden's first trip to the movies, so I decided that I'd pull out all the stops, mostly to keep her in good form during the movie. Popcorn. Swedish Fish. Junior Mints (which Hadley dumped the, nearly, entire box on the floor). They did super well!

We had about 25 minutes left in the movie when Hadley announced that she needed to go potty, so we snuck out. There was an older woman who glared at me when we came in and gave me an evil eye on our way to the bathroom, so I decided that we just wouldn't go back after the potty break. I just didn't know how much more "good time" I would get out of Hayden. No need to upset this woman further, even though I think it's silly to be grumpy at kids when you make the decision to see an animated film, in the afternoon on Christmas day. Just sayin'...

We are now home and the girls (well, Hadley) has requested PB&J for dinner. Soon, I will crank out that gourmet Christmas feast. J is bringing home some dinner for he and I... Likely something from Buca di Beppo, but it could very well be Chinese (which is what we had last year).

Our household is far from traditional for Christmas. If we lived closer to family it would be different. But, I enjoy the traditions our little family has been making.

Happy Holidays!!

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