Thursday, December 1, 2011

potty training: take 1,423,243

I think we finally conquered it! POTTY TRAINING! I don't know if it was me proclaiming that I would not buy anymore diapers or Jonathan's encouragement to "just hang-out on the toilet and read until the poop comes", but our girl finally uses the toilet. Not the potty chair. The toilet (which was our biggest hurdle).

My mom was in town recently, Hadley was off school and I had a bit of time off, so I was hell bent to tackle potty training.  I bought a Potette and it came with us everywhere. Hadley wore undies, no two ways about it. If she had an accident, we pulled out the spare clothes.

After a few days of hauling the Potette around, I tanked her up with apple juice, took her to the Target toy department and told her I would buy her any toy she wants if she going into the bathroom and pee. ON THE TOILET. After promising to not let her fall in, she went in the toilet. We cheered and left with a Disney dress-up trunk.

Since, Hadley only wears pull-ups for naps (which are rare), overnight and school. Until this past Wednesday when she decided she could go on the toilet like the other kids. Needless to say, I am a super proud mama.

And with this new big-girl accomplishment, comes a whole new level of "I CAN DO IT MYSELF" and sass. But, I'll take it :)

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