Monday, January 30, 2012

cool stuff about my 22 month old

* Hayden loves the BeeGee's "You Should Be Dancing". We discovered a fun scene on Despicable Me and I made the mistake of downloading the song on my iPod. If I'm not careful, it is all we will listen to in the car. But it's pretty darned cute to hear her little voice saying "Dancing, Yah!"

* She has taken to wearing tutus. And dress up dresses. Just like her big sister.

* She copies everything her sister says. My favorite is when they get into this spiral of my Hadley saying "I'm Hadley" then Hayden repeats it. The Hadley get's upset and says "NO! I'm Hadley." and, of course, Hayden repeats it. This goes on for several minutes and always leaves me laughing.

* Hayden loves her footed jammies! LOVES them! With a tutu, of course. I will miss the days that she wears them. I'm going to need to replace these soon. Her feet have grown too big for them.

* Her vocabulary may seem limited, but I think she uses a lot more words than we understand. There are a lot of runs of noise that sound alike, I think she gets it, we just don't.

* She loves to iChat with her family on the East and West(ish) Coasts. She's a total ham.

* When she is scolded, she immediately lifts up her shirt and smiles. We've taught her flashing young. But she knows we yell "BELLY" when she does this. She thinks it's a way to make the bad better. She's got us figured out.

* When we talk to my mom in the car through the handsfree system, she says "Hi Grandma" and "I love you". It's very sweet.

* Hayden is obsessed with dogs. We can't be within 100 feet of one with out her going crazy. I suppose we will be needing to get her one someday.

* When she gets frustrated she does things like pull hair, bite and hit, which I am not a fan of. Lately, she's added making farting noises with her tongue. I can't help but laugh.

* When she doesn't get the hint across with her words, she comes over and says "HAND", takes your finger and leads you to whatever it is she wants. I love it. Especially the feel of her little hand.

* She's a great eater. Will eat most things you put in front of her. But will only lick peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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