Monday, January 30, 2012

cool stuff about my 3.5 year old

* Hadley loves to make believe. She can have an imaginary conversation with her dolls forever, talking about the most sweet wholesome things. I love it!

* She loves to go with me when I get my eyebrows waxed so she can get her nails painted. She is so good and delightful. I can't help but feel proud of her when I'm there.

* Hadley is uber girly. Dresses and skirts, only. Absolutely. No. Jeans. Honestly, it makes me crazy in the frigid winter temperatures of Minnesota, but we do manage to make it work.

* She loves to sing. At the top of her lungs. And always out of tune. But she loves it.

* She is a negotiator. Mainly to get herself out of hot water, especially when she hasn't listened. Today she was helping me outside and she had a broom. I asked her to keep it on the shoveled walkway and not push the snow around on the driveway. She kept saying "But I need to brush the snow, mama, to make it all better. That's all I'm doing." I get so frustrated, but it's sometimes hard to be upset.

* Hadley always watches out for Hayden. When we drop them at the gym daycare, Hadley has free reign of the play area, while Hayden usually has to stay in the toddler area. I usually find Hadley in the back with Hayden.

* Hadley holds Hayden's hand when we are walking somewhere. And Hayden happily holds it. It's pretty darned sweet. This is when I'm reminded why I had them only 20 months apart. They are best friends.

* Hadley LOVES her bedroom. It's her space. It's a constant mess and I'm trying to learn not to let it make me as crazy as it does. There was a time when she wouldn't sleep in her own bed, I am thrilled she loves it like she does.

* She can sit through a movie in a movie theater. She's done this since about the time she was two. Give her some popcorn and she is one happy camper.

* Hadley has a little posse of friends at school. It's beyond adorable.

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