Sunday, March 18, 2012

hello ice cream!

Considering March is considered the "snowiest" month here in Minnesota, we've certainly been enjoying 75 degree days here in snow land. We've all been exposing our legs and toes and spending almost every daylight moment outside. The tulips are even starting to push up through the ground. This California gal sure hopes this sticks.

Hello, Spring! And HELLO ice cream!

This evening, like the last several, I let the girls eat dinner outside. For some reason they eat everything on their plate, when normally, at least with Hadley, we are lucky to get half of it down. Must be the fresh air! So we gave the girls a treat of chocolate ice cream cones, which I cringed at J's suggestion of this, but it certainly turned into a fun little photo session!

I decided to consider these Hayden's two year photos, as she turns two in a week. I think they represent her fun little, pistol of a personality well.

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