Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hayden, you're two!

My dear Buggety Boo,

On Monday, you turned two. How is it possible that this little person who I pushed out of my body, what seemed like, just yesterday is two years old? It's still awe-filled and incredible, even after having witnessed it with your sister. And I'm glad I don't have the "been there, done that" feeling, because this is like magic all over again.

This year has been full of all kinds of stuff. We traveled to California a few times to see relatives and out to Vermont to vacation with even more. We even went to Disneyland for your first visit, which I think you loved. We've been swimming and playing in the snow. You've bitten through your lip - twice - and we have a trip to the hospital to have you nebulized when you had croup. We've eaten ice cream and slid down many a slide. We laugh and we cry. We have been living life, my sweet little person.

You have taught me so many lessons in parenthood, like to pick my battles and to slow down and listen. But the biggest lesson you've taught me is that every child is different. Even though they have the same genetic make up and were birthed similarly, you and your sister are very different. I think it was really easy to think that you would be the same, but boy you are not!!

Here are some fun things about you right now, at two years old:

* Little lady, your language has EXPLODED! There is still quite a bit I can't understand and you get so frustrated after having to repeat yourself 20 times, but you are talking. In sentences. I hear "Daddy's not here." "Mommy, I'm all done." "Put shoes on." and so much more... Plus when you say "sister" it sounds like "dee-toe", which is ridiculously cute.

* You are a climber and a pro at the park. Maybe I over worried with your sister, and we certainly didn't go to the park as much as we do now when she was two. But you can climb up the rock wall and go down the biggest of slides without me. I'm almost at the point of sitting on a park bench and relaxing, but not quite.

* You L.O.V.E. dogs and babies. If we are in 100 feet of one you start shouting "DOGGIE" or "BABY!". You must smell them. I hope to have a house someday with a yard so we can get you a dog, but I'm pretty sure there will be no more babies, so we will visit friends with wee ones :)

* You have a super strong little personality - you don't put up with shit. If you don't like it or we aren't doing something quick enough, you let us know about it. You'll never be a push over, that's for sure.

* You will only wear footed jammies. Sometimes I get you in clothes with promises of gymnastics class, swimming and trips to the park, but otherwise, jammies it is!

Oh my, little lady, there is so much I can share. I just can't believe what a little lovely you have become. I love watching you grown and blossom and love.

I love you to bits and pieces,

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