Monday, April 2, 2012

"where do babies come from?"

A couple of weeks a go Hadley started asking how babies get in mommy's tummy. So when my "they grow like flowers do" didn't suffice, we decided to be honest, in a preschool manner. I found a little video on The Mayo Clinic's website that shows an egg being fertilized by sperm. I told her that mommies have the eggs in their tummies and daddies have fish. When mommy and daddy love each other very much, daddy gives mommy his fishy. I didn't go into details how, and she didn't ask (thank goodness), but the story was intriguing enough that we had to watch the video ten more times and even merited her own illustration of an egg and sperm.

I sure hope she doesn't decide to draw this at school...

Today, a package arrived for Hayden. It was a sweet story book about a puppy and the first illustration is that of a little of puppies being born. Literally one of the puppies coming out of the dogs rear end. This sparked a whole bunch more questions about the dog coming out of the mommy's "who-ha". And why? And how? "And why is it coming out of the dogs butt?" 

Of course, little Hayden who's language is exploding announces "DOGGY'S WHO-HA!"

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