Friday, May 25, 2012

dear hadley

Dear Hadley,

I'm embarrassed that I haven't kept up with my monthly letters to you. It's not that I haven't been inspired, because little lady, you inspire me daily. It's that life is busy!! But tonight, I feel inspired.

My sweet girl, you are quickly rounding the "four year-old" corner at the speed of a professional ball player. I can't believe it... I have an (almost) four year-old.  You are so grown-up and smart. I look at you and marvel... Is it possible that I grew you, birthed you and manage to not only keep you alive, but help mold you into this gorgeous little person?

The other evening we were all outside so you and your sister could ride bikes. You had on your Tinker Bell helmet, flip flops, a cute little skirt and sweatshirt. You were smacking on gum and zooming around corners on your big girl bike like it was no ones business. I looked at your dad and said "I can't believe we have a child who is doing this." And I can't.

Just last week you finished your first year of preschool. Your development leaped... You draw pictures now and almost write your name. You have one more year of preschool, but I think you are anxious for kindergarten - today you had me drive you by the school you will go to when the time comes.

You have made wonderful little friends, both in school and out, who you love spending time with. You have a little friend who comes over once a week (and you go to her house once a week) and you two hole up in your bedroom and spend two hours in your own little world. I have vivid memories of doing this with my friends and I'm in awe that you are old enough to do it too.

Now let's talk about swimming! You are starting to swim like you ride your bike. You have become quite comfortable in the pool and today I watched you dunk yourself underwater in the shallow end. Not by accident, but on purpose by all meanings of the word. You scoop and kick and when your floaties are on, watch out! I think you might be pretty close to being an independent swimmer by the end of the summer.

You and I are headed on a trip to San Francisco in a couple of weeks. No daddy. No sister. Just the two of us. And I am beyond excited. You make a wonderful travel companion and I think you will really enjoy seeing the beautiful city you are from. Plus, I get to show off my beautiful girl to my friends :)

My love, this letter is written quite poorly, but my thoughts poured out a bit. I love you more than words can describe.

I love you to pieces,

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