Thursday, July 26, 2012

did I mention?

My Hadley turned 4 on July 8!

She loves:
* All things pink, fairy or princess
* Singing at the top of her lungs
* Playing with her best friend and her sister
* Swimming and Gymnastics
* Her goggles - permagrin on her face
* Dresses and skirts
* Snuggles and hugs and kisses
* Running in her princess sneakers
* Tomatos and Chocolate Almond Milk
* Helping with the laundry
* Playing with the hose
* School
* Books and reading
* Drawing and crafts

* Bugs
* Poop
* When her sister bites her
* Lettuce and Pizza
* Dragons
* Being tossed in the air

Milestones of her third year:
* Completely potty trained - even at night
* Started and completed her first year of preschool, successfully
* Learning how to write a few letters of her name
* Coloring in the lines and drawing actual, recognizable things
* A love for swimming
* Entertains herself in her room when she wakes super early in the morning
* True friendships

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