Friday, July 20, 2012

3 a.m. conversation with my 2 year-old

Hayden: Turn. tv. on.
Me: No, it's night, night time.
Hayden: Is. it. broken?
Me: Yes, it's broken. Shut your eyes, it's time to sleep.
Hayden: Put baaaah-teri-es in it.

Later in the morning while two year-old is fast asleep in my bed, the four year-old conversation:

Hadley: Mommy, I'd like some milk please.
Me: In a little bit after your sister wakes up.
Hadley: It's OK, mommy, I'll take care of my sister. I won't wake her up.

Now who can resist that. She took care of her. I got coffee and she got milk.

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