Monday, April 27, 2009


I've always been this way, but longed to be much more structured.  You know, the person who carries around the big tote, perfectly organized with calendars, pens (with caps still in tact), organized wallets... so on and so forth.  But what it has come down to is that I am more of the girl who functions better with her ID and credit card stuffed in her pockets and purses were cute, special occasion things (that, don't get me wrong, I love).

Now that I am a mom I have attempted, on several occasions, to be more organized and structured.  No such luck.  I am still the girl that stuffs her pockets with her credit cards and keys, pops her little one in her sling and often leaves the stroller and diaper bag in the trunk of the car.  I've learned that this is how I function and, really, there isn't any situation I can't handle with a little creativity and enginuity.  

This is (technically) my first post on this blog and simplicity is what it is about.  I'll share my adventures, challenges, feats and missteps and I encourage any  of you out there who choose to read my little blog to share as well.

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