Tuesday, August 25, 2009

showing already

I have always heard that second pregnancies show quickly, but I am at seven weeks and my belly has pouched even more than it was before (I've never had a spectacularly flat tummy). I am currently wearing my new B Band (thank you, Mom) with some shorts and finally feel somewhat comfy.

The first stages of pregnancy are not fun... your body is changing by the second. You feel fat. Your clothes don't fit the same. Nausia. Heart burn. Sleepiness. Moodiness. Seems to me, with the exception of occasional nausia and chronic heart burn, I felt much better at month four. Two more months to go.

I did yoga yesterday afternoon. I almost bailed for a needed nap, but am glad I went because it felt wonderful! Not only did I feel rejuvinated, I have a nice level of soreness today. Looking forward to going again.

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