Friday, October 9, 2009

light went on

I've been taking Hadley to Gymboree since she was, oh, 12 weeks old. Really, that young was more for me to meet other mom's who just had babies. Once she turned six months old, she really seemed to enjoy it and she quickly graduated through the classes. In fact, she is in level four but two months younger (at least) than all the other kids. One of the things they do in every class is use a peek-a-boo gymbo that the kids have to knock on the outside of to make him come out. This finally clicked with her and now we can barely keep her away from it. Also, in this class they give stamps on their hands and tummies after class. Today she got it and demanded multiple stamps on her belly. So happy this is all clicking, but now comes the test of parenthood... Disciplining. Learning how to wait our turn. Please. Thank you. So much fun ahead... OH, and I think I need to get serious about the potty training... Diaper removal happens all too often now.

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