Thursday, February 11, 2010

baby in my belly (with some Austin Powers accent)

She's moving... A LOT!

I am pretty sure she is taking her little elbow (or maybe her knee) and moving it about my tummy. I feel like I can catch and hold on to whatever appendage it is that she is doing this action with. When she does this, it shakes my whole body. Often when Jonathan and I are laying in bed watching our nightly guilty pleasures of reality television (yep, we pretty much watch it all!).

Sometimes it hurts when she moves. I never experienced this with Hadley, but this one, this one kicks me where it hurts. My lower pelvis. My bladder. My hip. OUCH!

But the pain isn't that terrible and it's OK since I know she is just busy reminding me that she is there and growing like a weed. Kaiser is having me do kick counts. I lost the card I am supposed to record them on a week or so a go, but I can honestly tell them that this baby is alive and well!

Can't wait to meet her! Nine more weeks!

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