Monday, February 15, 2010


Jonathan and I have done things a little backwards when it has come to our relationship. Not only did we have a whirlwind romance that lead to us being pregnant in a few short weeks, we have never tied the knot. Not that we haven't wanted to, just that we have had so much on our plates that we haven't had a second to really think about it. For all intensive purposes, we have been engaged to be married for some time, though I haven't worn an engagement ring and we really never refer to each other as "fiances."

But this has all changed...

Last night, Jonathan picked me up from the airport (I was in SF on an overnight trip to see friends) and we went to Kitayama for (cooked) sushi and he presented me with a beautiful engagement ring. I knew he had purchased it. I knew what it looked like. But here is was and here it is on my finger now. And while the piece of jewelry is spectacular, thoughtful and so me, it's more that we are making our relationship more "official," for lack of a better word. I told him it could have been a plastic ring he placed on my finger, I just want to call him my husband someday because I am so in love with him and fall more in love with him everyday.

So while we did things a little backwards, it all seems to even out in the end.

PS - No, no date set yet. We figure we should have our baby, move into our new home and get through the newborn stages of number 2. We will likely tie the knot in 2012, which has a nice ring to it.

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  1. Awwwww!!!!! I'm so happy for you two!! Now you know I have to see that ring.


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