Wednesday, February 17, 2010

freaking out

Recently, the doctors have taken special care with me as I have a history of mild preeclampsia with Hadley. I am 32 weeks, my blood pressure remaining in the normal range, except when I come into the office when it spikes the first read due to white coat syndrome. I normally see a midwife who understands this, but she has been out of the country for some time now and I've been forced to see other doctors, who are being extra cautious.

Last weeks appointment, my blood pressure spiked with the first read and immediately went down, well into normal levels. There was no protein in my urine. No headaches. Nothing else to show concern other than I've had preeclampsia before (which, by the way, my chances for getting again is 3%).

But the doctor was concerned... He gave me the choice of going to the hospital to be monitored for a few hours, or do lab work, a 24 hour urine collection at home and to monitor my blood pressure on my own I opted for the latter. Interestingly, he must not have been that concerned because he felt it was still OK for me to go on my trip to San Francisco for the weekend.

My labs came back and all was well within the normal range. I've been monitoring my blood pressure at home and it's been a nice normal level, more normal than what the last read at the doctors office was. BUT, I got the lab results via email about my urine proteins and according to their chart for a "normal" person, they read higher than normal.

So now here I sit stewing... Researching... Freaking myself out...

Is this number OK for a pregnant person? Or am I going to be sitting in the hospital without my baby girl, my fiance, knowing that we need to move, I have taxes to deal with, articles to write... More over, are we (the baby inside and I) going to be OK?

I guess I shouldn't have watched 19 Kids and Counting. That poor little baby was delivered at 25 weeks because mama had preeclampsia. My baby is much bigger and so far, my health seems much better.

I am just freaking out a bit... Which, by the way, doesn't help my blood pressure at all.


  1. First of all, calm down. Get a glass of water, a blanket, and a book. Nothing baby related or dramatic. We're talking fluff reading here. Second, remember that at 32 weeks, even IF (big IF here) baby needs to be delivered, baby will be just fine. The last thing you need to do is freak out ahead of time. I am sending major hugs your way, and let us know what your doctor says about it. Until then, go rest.

  2. Yes, I agree with Joanna, calm down!

    a) If something happened right now, at 32 weeks, Baby will be okay. NICUs are equipped to handle 32 weeks.

    b) It's probably nothing. My numbers were high too and the docs were very worred about pre-e with me. I have ridiculously low blood pressure generally, so their concern was that when I reached a "normal" range (for most people), I'd be in "danger zone" for me. And look, I went past-term and everything worked out just fine, so high numbers don't necessarily mean that there's anything to worry about.

    also, c) I am going to send you an e-mail to ask you a totally stalker-ish question. BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

  3. Also, I was going to write that e-mail right now, but apparently my little lovebug doesn't believe in naptime, so um, it might be late tonight or tomorrow!


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