Friday, February 26, 2010

preeclampsia scare subsided

I think our preeclampsia scare has subsided some, even though I am on close watch by the doctors. Part of the problem has been that my midwife has been out of town for the last six weeks and I have had to see other doctors at the Women's Clinic who revisit my history of preeclampsia, causing me to worry about having the condition again and my blood pressure rises.

Well, my midwife is still out of town and I saw yet another doctor this week to check my blood pressure and she was super cool! I like her more than my midwife. And I've been tracking my pressure at home, which has remained nice and low, but in the office it was sitting on the higher side of normal. This doctor finally had me lay down on my left side for ten minutes and they retook my pressure and it was really low - 110/67 low. FINALLY! Someone got to see what I see at home.

Plus the protein that I was nervous about is not really preeclamptic high, just a wee high for normal. Maybe the automatic test results that the computers email to me are not a great idea. Too much left to my imagination and googling abilities.

So, I have been told to stop exercising, which I really haven't done much of in three weeks because my hips feel like they can't hold my body up. Rest more (which all I have to say is "with an 19 month old, yah right!). Monitor my blood pressure and if it spikes to the 130/80's or higher consistently then to go into Labor and Delivery. Likely I would be put on bed rest.


On a happier note, we finally toured the new Kaiser Hospital in Irvine where I will be delivering and it is very lovely. They do lots to support the family as a whole, however, the CDC does not let kids under 14 on the hospital floor until further notice. Miss Hadley might not be able to come to the hospital to visit mommy and baby, but hopefully we will be in and out!


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