Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A cornucopia of late pregnancy fun:

* Lower back spasms
* Resorting to rolling out of bed
* Need assistance getting off the couch, or will need to roll off couch onto all fours in front of company
* Hemorrhoids (note: ice them, it works!)
* Cute little dance to put on underwear and pants
* Heart burn
* Belly button pop
* Sleepless nights
* Sausage like fingers and toes by the end of the day
* Not able to bend over, having actually left things behind that I dropped on floor because of inability to pick it up
* Bladder control, or should I say, lack there of

The outcome makes it all worth it! I will soon have two, beautiful, healthy, happy little girls.

(But, for the moment, I am taking my "uncomfortable mommy" liberties and complaining)

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