Wednesday, May 19, 2010

night terrors

Hadley is suffering from night terrors. Apparently not uncommon with children, especially those who have had some major changes in their lives (which, lets face it, she certainly has). Not indicative of a problem and they grow out of it.

But when it happens, you are sure she is possessed with the devil - and I don't believe in the devil or any part of the whole heaven and hell thing. Needless to say, no matter what you believe, it's a scary thing to witness. She cries and screams and thrashes about. You try to pick her up and it makes it worse. She is seemingly awake, but when she stops, she is fast asleep.

Plus, she's strong.

So we have to watch her go through it. Talk to her and hope it helps. And stop her from falling off the bed. It lasts for a few short minutes to 15 minutes... No matter how long, it's distressing.

Has anyone had experience with this? I can only go off the information on the topic I receive and hope she grows out of it sooner than later and that once we move into our new home and she settles into her bedroom she will settle out too. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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